Best Woodwind Repair 

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If you are reading this, you may need some repair work done to your clarinet or saxophone.  I've been a professional musician for 23 years and truly understand how important knowing a good repair technician can be.  Through the years of playing gigs, on and off the road, I learned the basics of keeping my horns playing. Several years ago I was reunited with a great technician named John Gill.  I had moved to the Boston area and was beginning to play a variety of gigs.  I found out from another woodwind player about this "new guy" in town, my friend John. After we started to hang out again he told me he needed some help at the job he had at the time so I apprenticed with him for several years.  I was the guy in the back that "did great work".  Now I am the guy in the front that "does great work!" 

From my days as an Air Force bandsman. 

Bob Mintzer and me after an Air Force concert at The  Texas Bandmasters Convention.

Paquito and me after a wonderful concert by the Boston Horns Big Band featuring him and some of my compositions and arrangements.